Reaching over 20 000 brokers and finding a home in 7 000 brokerages and insurance companies, RISKAFRICA has established itself as the intermediary publication of choice. At RISKAFRICA, we pride ourselves in being the leaders in what we do. We are passionate about providing our readers with interesting and relevant content and have been in contact with brokers all over South Africa, who are just as excited about the expanded RISKAFRICA UMA Directory as we are. Whether it’s insuring a Chihuahua in Clifton or truck fleet in Tzaneen, the UMA Directory will contain the contact details and product information of the right UMA for that client. By owning the RISKAFRICA UMA Directory, a broker will have every niche insurer, as well as the suppliers that enable them to underwrite and manage risk successfully, quite literally at their fingertips. If you are an industry supplier, or a UMA with a niche insurance product, make sure South Africa’s brokers can find you.